5050 Group


We are participants of the 5050 group which advocates for equal representation in Irish Politics and encourage debate on the need for more women to engage in politics.

Who  Are We

  • 5050 is a single issue national advocacy group dedicated to achieving equal representation in Irish politics.
  • 5050 is a fully inclusive organisation and politically non-aligned.
  • 5050 welcomes both men and women as members.
  • 5050 actively encourages the formation of affiliate groups at community level.
  • 5050 endorses both male and female candidates who support special temporary measures to redress the over-representation of men in the Irish Politics.
  • 5050 believes that the under-representation of women in Irish politics is an affront to the democratic ideals of justice and equality.

What We Do:

  • Raise awareness about the candidate selection quotas, encourage more women to run, more people to campaign for women candidates and more people to support women candidates.
  • Advocate for and challenge political parties to effectively implement the candidate selection quota.
  • Ongoing national monitoring of  progress and implementation of the quota.


The 5050  group currently has branches in Cork, Kerry, Dublin, Meath and the North West.

5050 North West Group 

The Group comprises of individual women from Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim and is supported by The National Collective of Community Based Women’s Networks-Donegal Women’s Network and the North Leitrim Women’s Centre.

Why we are seeking change

These are the FACTS….

North West

  • No women TD’s representing Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo  in the current 31st Dáil.
  • Only two women TD’s have represented Donegal since the 1st Dáil in 1918:-  Mary Coughlan, 1987-2011 and Cecilia Keaveney, 1996-2007.
  • Only 3 women on Donegal County Council out of  a total of 29 Councillors.


  • 50% of Ireland’s population is female.
  • Only 25 women in the  Dáil out of 166 TD’s.


  • This places Ireland 89th (out of 133 countries) on a world classification list compiled by the Inter-Parlimentary Union. (October 2013)

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For more information visit  the 5050 webpage or like them on facebook too!

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