Celebrate International Women’s Day: Inspiring Women-Inspiring Change

International Women’s Day is about supporting the roles and acknowledging the achievements of women within our society. It is because women across the globe continue to experience challenges and inequalities, simply because they are women that we take this special day to raise awareness and show them our support.

In all our lives women are playing roles from being family members; mothers, daughter, sister, grannies, aunts and cousins, but women are also role models, providers, leaders, workers, carers, inventors, the list is endless.

Women have diverse and dynamic roles all over the world, it is for this reason on  International Women’s Day we want to show appreciation and support for all women around the world, while also inspiring women to realise the important role they play in society and for them to embrace their social empowerment.

We are therefore asking people to pay their tribute and show their support for the equality of all women locally and globally by sending us their single person picture together with a few words on one of the following;

  • Why women are important to you?
  • What are the roles women in your life play?
  • What are your aspirations for women locally or globally?

These will then be used to create a series of posters to feature on our website and on social media. The aim of this is to build a global community of support for women while also inspiring women to realise and embrace the important role they play in communities.

If you would like to join in this celebration, please inbox or email danielle.dwn@gmail.com for further details.